Open Studio – Jagna Anderson & Guests, Performance Lab

©Jagna Anderson2015Performance lab offers space for experimental set-ups in the field of ensemble improvisation with movement, sound, voice and language.

The lab develops together with its participants. Every session has a special focus or a research isssue; its outputs, experiences and open questions form the basis for upcoming sessions and for common performance projects.

In this open studio the performance lab will present its approach. The core of the work is deepening of sensory awareness, interlinking of listening, sensing and seeing and questioning the seeming contradiction between impression and expression. Another lab issue are improvisation structures and we are exploring how the material delivered by sensory awareness can benefit from the compositional limitations of a performance score.

Most sessions are divided into two sections: a facilitated group process leading to a state of deepened sensory awareness and a durational participatory performance, which re-visits and re-organizes the experiences of the first section in a new context.

Concept and facilitation: Jagna Anderson

In the Open Studio,  Berlin-based multidisciplinary performing groups and initiatives share their approaches to instant composition. The performers will refer to their strategies, focus, and artistic practices in a lab situation which will combine performance elements with practical experiences for the participants.

Fee: 3 – 12 € sliding scale (you choose)
Free admission for participants attending a festival workshop.
Time:  18:00 – 19:15 / Eden*****Studio 150.2, Berlin

05.08.15 – J. Anderson Performance Lab